Mentoring for Women

The Mentoring for Women program at the Faculty of Theology is intended to promote up-and-coming female academics in a targeted manner. It serves as a kind of introduction to the scientific community by familiarizing them with the unwritten laws and mechanisms of academic research. It promotes informal and formal networking, which helps provide access to relevant information.

17 Women – 17 Paths

17 female theologians talk about their career

There is a wide range of career paths for female theologians with a doctorate. Some have stayed on at university after gaining their doctorate and are now professors, some are in professional practice, while others are trying to combine the two. Sometimes a person's university career will follow a "classic" path without any major obstacles. Others take a more creative route, with things tending not to go to plan – although there are always people on hand to help in such cases.

From November 3 onwards, a portrait will appear every two weeks on a specially created website.  A print edition of 17 Women – 17 Paths is planned for next year during the summer of 2015.

Target group

  • Habilitation candidates (i.e. those hoping to qualify to teach at a university)
  • Doctoral students
  • Women with a master's degree looking to take a doctorate