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From the minutes of the 26th Doctoral Committee held on October 2, 2014:

  • Important: Having consulted the Legal Services Office, the Doctoral Committee has decided that in future assessors will have the right – in relation to agenda items – to speak and contribute to decisions when the dissertation they have assessed is being discussed and graded.
  • Important: It has also been decided that doctoral students are to be notified of the grade decided upon.
  • Important: Again following consultation with the Legal Services Office, it has also been decided that the recommended grade in connection with an assessment must be unambiguous, must not incorporate grading areas and must be expressed as one of the possible grades (6.0; 5.5; 5.0, etc.).

As of the 35th PK-Meeting on March 3rd, 2016:

  • Doctoral students will be informed of their dissertation’s grade after a grade is decided. They will also be able to inspect the dissertation reports. This applies to every type of doctorate. 

As of the 51st PK-Meeting on March 1st, 2018:

  • Regarding the obligation to enrol for the entire duration of the doctorate: Students who finish their doctorate with an oral exam by calendar week 7 (Spring Semester) or calendar week 37 (Autumn Semester) no longer have to enrol for the semester.