Junior Members of the Faculty (The Mittelbau)

The Low Mittelbau of our department is made up of doctoral students, assistants, and postdocs as well as research assistants. 
Representatives of the Mittelbau are elected by this group. The representatives advocate for the interests of all members of the Theology Mittelbau both at the level of the Faculty of Theology and at the higher level of the University. Their role as Mittelbau representatives also includes being the contact person for any questions relevant to members of the Mittelbau.

New employees of the Faculty of Theology can contact the representatives at any time for further information and access to internal documents on ILIAS.
Additional contact information for people at the Faculty of Theology can be found under Quality Assurance and Equal Opportunities.
The university-wide representation for junior members of staff is supported by the Mittelbau Association of the University of Bern. All members of the Mittelbau are invited to attend. Further information can be found at www.mvub.unibe.ch.